To protect is what we live for


Security of the highest level. Soutere Swiss is your strategic partner for sensitive security issues. We support you all the way down the line: as a consultant for security problems and as a service provider for operational implementation.

As an owner-managed company with Swiss attention to detail, we set international standards in the areas of risk and crisis management, security services and investigation.

Discretion and integrity guide all our thoughts, actions and business relationships.

Your protection is our mission


Soutere Swiss supports companies, organisations and private individuals with high-level security.

The architecture and implementation of our security concepts should be so effective and discrete that they are hardly even noticed. In other words: Our mission is always to create an environment in which you can live, work and pursue your goals in absolute safety and without interruptions.

The high professionalism of our employees makes the key difference here. The team of Soutere Swiss consists exclusively of risk and crisis management experts with extensive international experience.

The top selection criteria always include absolute discretion and integrity. Uncompromisingly high competence in their field is also essential.

Internationally networked – personally connected


Our expert teams consist of national and international security specialists from a full range of disciplines – including former members of the military, police, intelligence services and corporate security.

The operational department of Soutere Swiss recruits very experienced practitioners from the fields of personal protection, investigation and IT security. All members have many years of international experience.

Our international network is based exclusively on personal relationships that have also proven themselves in international crisis regions. On this basis, we are able to ensure your security around the world and around the clock.

Security is a matter of precision


As internationally experienced security experts, we are in a position to cover an extremely wide range of high level security services.

Our spectrum ranges from strategic risk and crisis management to professional investigation methods and discreet protection of individuals and groups of people.

According to request, task or situation, we will assist with advice and give conceptual or operative support. Whatever our contribution to your security may entail: You can always rely on our precision and discretion.

Proactive not reactive

Risk and Crisis Management

In most cases, emergencies arise without warning. Instantaneous, foresighted and goal-directed action is then essential. This is only possible if the proper organisational measures are already in place.

For this reason, we rely on preventive risk and crisis management – although we know that not every incident can be predicted. Experience nevertheless teaches us that even unforeseeable crises can be overcome significantly more effectively with the right organisational structure and the right people on the crisis team.

However, we are not proponents of complicated, “scientific” crisis plans. We also view virtual, computer-based crisis team approaches with scepticism. Our procedure is rather to work face-to-face with the responsible parties to decide on a course of action and resolve the situation.

Soutere Swiss advises you on prevention, trains you, helps you recognise the risks you face and stands by you in emergency situations, providing critical support in making the right decisions.

Protection tailored to your needs

Security Management

The resources of many medium-sized businesses – or even larger enterprises – are often insufficient for guarding continuously against the diverse security risks faced today.

As external security experts, we accompany specific projects from a security standpoint as needed or on a regular basis.

Our service includes consulting and planning in the following areas:

  • Holistic security concepts
  • Prevention of business crime
  • Investigation of suspicious circumstances
  • Travel security in high-risk regions
  • Protection against corporate espionage
  • Protection against cyber crime
  • Trainings and briefings
Pre-emptively avoiding risks – effectively dealing with damages

Data Protection

Soutere Swiss is your professional partner for effectively guarding against criminal activity within your company. Here as well, the key to success is prevention. Statistics show that most criminal activities would not have taken place if the company involved had taken precautionary measures.

In the area of prevention, we support you in the following ways:

  • Sensitising management and employees
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Staff coaching to improve integrity
  • Protection concept against business crime
  • “Red flag” surveillance (suspicious employee behaviour)
  • Due-diligence evaluations

In event of incidents, our investigation specialists handle:

  • Observations
  • Insertions
  • Background checks of individuals and companies
  • Tracking and uncovering cash flows
  • Interrogations regarding criminal behaviours
  • Investigations with cover stories
Navigate the world safely

Travel Security

Business is an international endeavour – and globalisation is not slowing down. Yet the risks facing employees from war, terror, political instability or organised crime are also increasing.

Our approach to effective protection while abroad always includes two key aspects: On one hand, we advise your organisation in how to meet your obligations to constantly safeguard your employees and protect them from danger. On the other hand, only a small part of security can ever really be delegated. We therefore train your employees in personal protection while travelling.

Our service portfolio includes:

  • Risk analysis of the countries you are travelling in
  • Establishing a travel security system
  • Evaluating travel routes
  • Retrieval in event of incidents
  • Evacuation from countries and critical situations
  • Security escorts and personal protection around the world
Maximum protection – with minimum invasion of privacy.

Personal Protection

Providing personal protection is one of the core competences of Soutere Swiss.
Our personal protection team therefore consists of specially selected and excellently trained personnel. With an individual, flexible and unconventional approach as well as absolute discretion, we dedicate ourselves to providing specialised security services to our clients.

Our employees come exclusively from special military and police units, where they have accrued long track records. Further training in weapons and observation techniques, driving training and regular refresher training in first aid ensure high proficiency in this demanding profession. We place great value on excellent social and cultural skills, perfect manners, a reserved temperament and outstanding conduct.

Bodyguards from Soutere Swiss can be armed or unarmed. They have all necessary permits for carrying weapons, and they are subject to corresponding testing on an annual basis.

We are used to working in very exclusive as well as extremely dangerous environments. Our personal protection concept “K 106” has its origins in the protection of public officials and is adapted to civilian needs and the specific situation.